Solar Flexus


The Universe is known to have many Solar Systems, and Astronomers the world over are continuously finding new planets, stars and galaxies far beyond mankind’s reach, with the technology we have today. Galaxies have been found many Light years away. A Light year is the distance light travels in a year.

The Sun is the closest star and is the pivot in our Solar system. The Sun holds all the planets in our Solar system together in defined paths and distances from it. Earth where mankind is blessed to live is the third planet from the Sun after Venus and before Mars.

Venus is too hot as it is closer to the Sun and scientists have ruled out the existence of any life on it. Mars on the other hand, also called the Red Planet, has just a few months back with NASA’s “Curiosity Rover” probe is known to have had water ways billions of years ago, and its “Gale Carter” is known to have retained water and the possibility of some life forms.

Hence we Earthlings are lucky and blessed to have the opportunity of living in the best planet of our solar system. The Sun is the main source for our existence, we and all other living creatures and plants on Earth need the Sun to take our eco-system forward.

Though we see the Sun everyday are we harnessing its total potential? We are not! The Sun can give us more than what we are presently taking from it. We can benefit immensely and protect our environment if we harness more solar power than what we are doing today.

Converting Sunlight which is referred to as Solar energy to electricity could be a starter. To achieve this we need just enough space, to install a solar panel and a few other accommodative contraptions, and we will have green, clean and free electrical energy through solar panels


A world free of fossil fuels

Our fossil fuel reserves would one day run out and we will need to look for other energy sources to light up our   homes, power our industries and even turn on our street lights.

That day is not far behind, as it is estimated that all fossil fuels would be exhausted in about 200 to 300 years, which would be about three generations or so.

Our quest should be to use the maximum quantum of solar energy which is free to acquire and free to consume if the right solar panels are within our reach.

Solar panels Melbourne has taken the initiative to bring the available technology to their customers followed closely by other entities in other states like solar panels Sydney and solar panels Brisbane.

Solar power systems installed by solar panels Adelaide has caught the eye of residents in South Australia as they lead the way in solar power consumption over the other states.

Solar technology where efficiency levels are exemplary, have still eluded our researches and the best solar panels could convert only about 20% of solar energy that they are exposed to.

Australia should take a very enthusiastic step to bring solar power systems to all households which would provide the impetus to other nations to follow suit.

A single solar panel meeting the required standards could provide the necessary power for a home all through the year because Australia is blessed with an abundance of sunlight.

State governments in close cooperation with the Federal government are taking every possible step to bring the “Green revolution” and educate Australians on the advantages that would accrue going the solar way.

Solar panels Perth have been striving very hard to get this very welcome message across to their customers in Western Australia and have been very successful in their endeavour.

It is envisaged that Australia would be the first nation to be clean and green one day in the future and the present generation would leave a pollution free country to our children.

To achieve this dream we would need to take some very meaningful decisions now as we don’t have the time to procrastinate.

Australia has decided that nuclear energy is not our cup of tea, hence the only option we have is solar, wind or wave energy stepping into the future.


Little efforts to a cleaner and greener world

If every household in the world could use a small amount of solar energy by converting it into solar power utilizing small solar panels in their daily chores, there is definitely going to be a tremendous impact on how we meet our energy requirements.

Our children to whom our world would be ultimately bestowed upon too need to be educated on the value of using the Sun’s solar energy for our energy needs in the future without letting it go waste.

A famous King of yore made a very strong statement that every drop of rain that falls on his kingdom must serve his subjects before it flows down to the sea, and towards this end he built massive irrigation tanks to store the rain water to irrigate the lands of his subjects who were self sufficient in food during his reign.

Showing our children the value of harnessing solar energy by using solar panels and converting to solar power would have long lasting benefits for everyone. The little things that we could do would enhance the value we place on such endeavours.

There is no doubt that children love jumping castle hire and would spend hours on it if allowed to do so. Using solar power to run it’s blower continuously would be to good measure.

Whilst on the bouncy castle hire Melbourne, the kids are not going to forget the fact that their enjoyment was powered by the Sun.

They would remember it for a very long time and if we make the event a more memorable one they are sure to leave with good memories of a great time on the jumping castle hire Melbourne.